DIY Pumpkin Lamb's ear wreath
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Easy Fall DIY: Pumpkin Lamb’s Ear Wreath

Here’s a quick, low budget, easy DIY wreath to spruce up your door this Fall!

I can’t believe it’s pumpkin season once again! This meant that I was just going to swap out my summer wreath for my fall one… until I saw how fierce it looked as I pulled it out from storage.

I don’t remember it looking this menacing last year, but now this Fall wreath looked as if it was screaming:


Certainly not the kind of impression I want to make on my first time visitors…

I also remembered how these branches had poked a few guests last year; It was clear that I needed to upgrade to another much softer, less fierce looking wreath for this season.

But, to my disappointment, I couldn’t find anything I liked at my local Home Goods or Michaels.

Instead, I stumbled across some faux lamb’s ears stems (so soft to the touch!) and pumpkin stems (so cute to look at) at Marshalls and I got to thinking I could make my own fall wreath this year!

Making My Lamb’s Ear and Pumpkin Wreath

Okay… maybe making a DIY wreath out of lamb’s ear stems was not really my idea… not exactly…

I mean I’ve probably seen dozens of these DIY lamb’s ear and cotton boll ones popping up in my Pinterest feed for days so I’d been thinking of doing something similar.

But seeing as how I found these yarn wrapped faux pumpkins that would work just as well as the cotton bolls, I thought I’d give this combination a try.

I’m so glad I did because this wreath turned out so cute, not to mention, so cost effective, too!

Aren’t those pumpkins so cute?

This literally took me 30 minutes to make once I gathered all of my supplies together.

And once I was done, I couldn’t imagine why I hadn’t made my own wreath like this before!

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Supplies For Your Pumpkin Lamb’s Ear Wreath

Here are the supplies you’ll need to make this wreath:

  • 18″ grape vine wreath form (This one from Amazon can work, or you could get one at Michael’s with a 40% off coupon)
  • Two bundles of faux lamb’s ear branches or stems: (I bought 2 bundles from Marshalls for about $8 each but you can find similar ones on Amazon or even Etsy for reasonable prices-just get 2-3 stems)
  • Pumpkin bulb stems (I’ve seen some cute ones at Michaels, but if you can’t find pumpkins you can use cotton bolls like these)
  • Floral cutter (wire cutter)
  • Glue gun

How To Make Your Pumpkin Lamb’s Ear Wreath

Step #1: Cut the stems

Cut out 3-4 leafy clusters from each lamb’s ear stem. Next, cut each stem down to whichever length will be suitable for sliding into the wreath form. I cut my lamb’s ears to about 10-12″ in length and my pumpkin stems shorter, about 9″.

Step #2: Arrange the lamb’s ear & pumpkin stems

Slide one lamb’s ear stem into the grapevine form sideways and slide it into any gap you see in between the grapevine form, starting at the top center and working in a clockwise fashion.

Arrange the pumpkin stems in the same clockwise fashion until they’re evenly distributed throughout the form. Don’t worry if the stems stick out from the back.

Step #3: Glue on the pumpkins

Turn the wreath over and trim off whatever excess there is of the pumpkin stems with your wire cutter leaving about 1/8″ poking through.

Glue around the back of each pumpkin stem making sure that you cover the stem completely with glue. You can also glue down the pumpkin from the front but be careful as the glue may show through.

Step #4: Tie on the ribbon

Hang a twine or a long sash or ribbon from the top to hang it with.


Enjoy your new Pumpkin Lamb’s Ear Wreath that will shout “Welcome” (and NOT “Go Away”) to all visitors this fall.

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